One year later, we have successfully opened interim facilities for our grocery, restaurant, craft shop, and bakery departments. The new facility improves the quality of the dining experience and moves the company one major step closer to the permanent structure. The beautiful craftsmanship of the interior and the creatively displayed Craft Shop merchandise throughout the entire restaurant provide for a relaxing atmosphere for your dining pleasure.

The interim restaurant facility is climate controlled for the total comfort of our patrons year-round.

Mr. Peachey noted that, “Our goal is to make a pleasant and memorable dining experience for each of our patrons. We will continue work on improving our menu selection and service to preserve our high quality food and service standards. We will continue to offer those familiar Peachey food favorites in the restaurant as well as at the retail Grocery Store. These favorites and other meat products may be special ordered in larger quantities for customer pick-up.”

When you are planning your next dining out experience consider our restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You will be pleased that you did.